Tracing Technologies®

Eco-design innovative company of products and materials in view of recycling and brand protection.

Tracing Technologies is an innovative company in eco-design of products and materials in view of recycling and brand protection.

Patented processes are based on the use of invisible markers to human eyes, tamper-proofed, inert and proprietary to each client. Intimate marking with the product or material, in the mass or with labels affixed to the product for:


  • Instant traceability and authentication of products and materials.
  • Immediate identification of counterfeited products.   


  • Eco-design of products and materials by use of markers for sorting and recycling applications, and re-use of recycled materials.
  • Optimized sorting on industrial recycling plants.
  • Sorting management: food-contact versus non-food contact sorting.


  • First internal trials: marking on surface and detections
  • First patent application
  • Registration of Tracing Technologies Sarl


TRITRACE project sponsored by Pôle National de Traçabilité

Tests and trials on black materials in the mass of products and on surface. Very low concentration of markers with detection in laboratory.


  • TRIPTIC Project: Validation project of Tracing Technologies processes in conformity to automotive industry standards.
  • “Dispersed tracers for polymer materials identification and industrial sorting cadences”


  • Exclusive Joint-Venture with POLYSECURE GmbH, Germany
  • Commercial activities in traceability projects, authentication and brand-protection.


  • Since October 2020, Tracing Technologies is founding partner of the multinational project: NEXTLOOPP.
  • “Closing the loop on food contact PP”