“Dispersed tracers for polymer materials identification and industrial sorting cadences”

The TRIPTIC project has validated the principle of using markers at very low concentrations in black materials on a standard
recycling operating process.

Samples of black polypropylene from the automotive industry were charged at 30 ppm concentration; detection without contact
was successful on the overband running at 3 m/s with 99% positive detection rate.

French industrial and institutional partners

Post-consumer packaging before sorting and recycling.


The NEXTLOOPP project initiated in the UK is a technology demonstration to make food-grade recycled polypropylene from
post-consumer packaging wastes using overall TRACING TECHNOLOGIES Patents.

First industrial project to sort post-consumer packaging wastes between food-grade contact and non-food grade contact.
Reformulation and production of recycled R-PP in compliance to FDA and EFSA.

The partners